Spiritual Family Groups

Spiritual Family Groups

At Live4U Ministries, it is tremendously important to build connections. As part of our spiritual walk we believe that community is everything. This is because we believe without a doubt we are all connected regardless of any human socially created category, one and we are ultimately connected to the one power and presence God. Spiritual Family Groups (SFG) are groups organized by members of Live4U Ministries and are organized and affiliated with Live4U Ministries. Because Live4U Ministries is an online-based spiritual community, SFGs are organized throughout the world to give believers and/or worshipers and opportunity engage in community with other members, and these spirit-led engagements remind us of our oneness. The purpose is simple it’s not just about religion, but about revolution and religion. The SFGs help members to build a solid community local to them and to enrich one another spiritual. Join the Revolution!!!!


Group map and information coming soon!

See Spiritual Family Group Guide Below:

Live4U Ministries Spiritual Family Group Guide

Aug 22, 2014

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