About Us

About Us

Welcome to the home for Live4U Ministries. We hope that you have found a spiritual community where you can connect to Source,  grow to living your best life, and share it with the world.


  • We are a ministry exclusively based online.  Location
  • We are under the leadership of Reverend Lawrence Smith Pastor  and have and a solid community  Staff

The mission of Live4U Ministries is to bring back love for one another and love for spirituality back to the world. We are well aware that given or evolving human nature religion has gotten a bad reputation. We believe that SPIRITUALITY is NOT RELIGION. It is about living in a higher power or consciousness. In our organization we call this God, but we recognize and accept the diverse titles and definitions of this FORCE that are present on the planet. We acknowledge that no matter what that FORCE is called, it is EVERYTHING and in EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. It is the ESSENCE of EXISTENCE.  This is a place to truly be yourself while growing spiritually.

For this reason we are interfaith, and supports all paths to the ONE POWER and one PRESENCE. We also accept everyone as they are on their journey. While we encourage developing a closer connection to that SOURCE, we embrace authenticity, because in that authenticity is the ULTIMATE CONNECTION.

Lastly we believe GOD to be ALL GOOD. This all Good force in us forces us in out true authentic self to be ALL GOOD. We believe that it is a separation or forgetting of this TRUE NATURE that we act in out humanness, which leads to all that is considered “BAD” on the planet.

It is the VISION of this movement to spread across the world. Reminding US of love and the connection that we all have being part of ALL that is GOD.

Our History

Live4U Ministries was founded in the home of Reverend Lawrence Smith Jr. in 2015. After meeting many people, experiencing and studying many faiths Reverend Lawrence could not find a place to call a home for his spirituality. He eventually found the Unity Worldwide Ministries, where he learned that the unity found in all of these teachings. According to Reverend Lawrence he had “finally landed and seen God.” Being the innovator and part of the modern internet age, Reverend Lawrence believes that spirituality should be totally accessible 24 hours 7 days a week. So using social media and other media outlets, Live4U Ministries is coming everywhere the people are.

Are we part of a denomination?

No. While the foundations of our teachings are the teachings of Jesus who we look to as Christ, the Example. We are independent. However, we are open to all faiths. We believe that we can learn things to enhance our spirituality from ALL PATHS. We believe there are many PATHS but ONE GOD.