6 Questions with Reverend Lawrence

6 Questions with Reverend Lawrence

Who is God?

Reverend Lawrence: God is. God is EVERYTHING. There isn’t anything or anyone that does not have properties of God. I cannot even begin to describe from my human perspective the TRUE essence of God. God is when you bite into warm cookie right out of the oven. Good is a smile from a baby. God is that feeling you get when you get an unexpected and good surprise. God is EVERYTHING. God is the underlying force that has existed before us in this physical realm and will exist after we transition from this. This same force created everything. This force is God, total spirit, non human in ALL ways, but definitely LOVE. Pure unfiltered LOVE. God is so Good!.

Who was Jesus?

Reverend Lawrence: A man from the Middle East.  The leader of my life, my lord as some might say. The GREATEST example. Everything I do is intended to be modeled after Jesus. Having studied history, I know that Jesus existed on this planet at some point in History. Jesus is one of many mystics, spiritual gurus, or enlightened beings that lived most of the time, not all of the time, at a heighten consciousness. At times, Jesus could say that he was God because he was totally connected at that moment. I want that connection as often as possible, so I study Jesus, but others as well. Jesus is not my God, but I see God in Jesus, just as I see in all humans and in myself.

Why interfaith?

Reverend Lawrence: Why not? Why division? For many years religion has been responsible for some very ugly moments in human history. This not so good history has turned many people away from religion, and in many ways from God, because people blame God for their religious crap. However, at the core religion is just man trying to understand and experience Spirit. I have learned in my studies that the different religions have very interesting and useful ways to me to connect to Spirit. Finding what we have in common teaches valuable lessons and brings us together. There is no other way besides interfaith.

So, this means you are inclusive? Why?

Reverend Lawrence: Absolutely! Seeing beyond the physical and seeing beyond the human creations social, etc. I see God in EVERYONE! I do not see people by their stuff, or at least I try. I see God. I would never want to grieve the Spirit, in other words I am not going to deny God in any way. You showed up as God from your physical birth. So did I. I love God, so I love ALL people. Jesus would have never denied ANYONE. The point is that there is one power and one presence and there are not boundaries between us. Separatism is not of God. Therefore, I cannot in my spiritual consciousness not be inclusive.

Are you Christian?

Reverend Lawrence: Yes. But I am Christian in that I personally seek Christ consciousness,  that which Jesus represented for me, and that is found in the Bible. However, when I am among Muslims I can be Muslim, when I am with Jewish people, I am Jewish, when I am with Hindus, I am Hindu, even when I am among atheists and agnostics, I am with atheist and agnostics. While my path is Christian, I embrace and learn from ALL paths. I am a opened Christian.

What can I get from Live4U Ministries?

Reverend Lawrence: Whatever your soul wants. Hopefully a spiritual home and family globally. Hopefully and it is also my prayer that we bring the LOVE of God back to the world. My favorite thing to say is that this is NOT RELIGION IT’S REVOLUTION. IT”S  NOT JUST A MINISTRY, BUT A MOVEMENT.  Let’s change our hearts to God, each other, and ourselves and ultimately change the world.

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