Sermons by Reverend Lawrence

Sermons by Reverend Lawrence

Dream a Little Dream

Good Morning. I’d like to thank ya’ll for having me this morning. You look simply beautiful and I see the God in each and every one of you, I am truly blessed….. The late rapper Tupac Shakur stated that “Reality is wrong. Dreams are real” Now I know that normally, you don’t go to church and hear quoted from Tupac Shakur but I challenge you to open up your ears, minds, and hearts. We know that Spirit speaks through any…

Living Your Truth Part 1

Good Morning. I want to thank yall for having me here today with yall. You look BEAUTIFUL!! I FULLY SEE THE GOD IN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. JUST AS I SAW IT IN THE MIRROR THIS MORNING. I AM TRULY BLESSED….When discussing a person’s perspective on life, the analogy or example of a glass with contents in it is often used.  It is commonly stated that if you view the glass half empty you are pessimistic, you see life…

Dying to Live-Easter Talk

Truth: Dying to Live Lawrence Smith Good Morning. I would like to thank yall for being here and for having me speak to yall this morning. It is a pleasure to see all you all and you beautiful faces and Easter outfits this morning. I am truly blessed… Author J.K Rowling, writer of the hugely successful Harry Potter book series in in a quote about death stated that “to the well-organized mind, death is but the next GREAT adventure.” What…
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