Living Your Truth Part 1

Living Your Truth Part 1

Good Morning. I want to thank yall for having me here today with yall. You look BEAUTIFUL!! I FULLY SEE THE GOD IN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. JUST AS I SAW IT IN THE MIRROR THIS MORNING. I AM TRULY BLESSED….When discussing a person’s perspective on life, the analogy or example of a glass with contents in it is often used.  It is commonly stated that if you view the glass half empty you are pessimistic, you see life and situations negatively, or you notice the negative. Conversely, if you see the glass half full, you see life and situations positively, you are an optimist. I have no clue where such a stupid analogy comes from, because as I stand here before it is almost my goal to see the glass always full, full to the top, and as boldly proclaimed in the New International version of the Bible in Psalms 23: 5, “my cup overflows.” I chose to be like that try the person described in Psalms 1:3, “ like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season, and whose leaf does not wither, whatever they do prospers. Typically, whenever a talk or sermon refer to those two scriptures, it is usually about prosperity or wealth, and while that is a talk worth having at some point, today I was inspired. I was inspired by certain news headlines, I was inspired by reading social media, I was inspired by my own journey in spirituality. I came to the realization, early in life that EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS CREATED TO CONTAIN A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SPIRIT INFLUENCE. This amount and type of influence is based on the gifts that this person has. So not everyone’s a teach, not everyone’s a preacher, not everyone’s a singer, and not everyone’s a mechanic. This doesn’t even just refer to professions r careers, some of us have more empathy that others, some of us are more competitive that others, some of us are more nurturing, and some of us are more logical. THIS HAS NO REGARDS FOR RACE, GENDER, SEXUALITY, ETHNICITY, NATIONALITY OR ANY HUMAN CONSTRUCTED CATEGORY. LIKE GOD IT HAS NO FORM. IT IS WHAT IT IS, AND IT IS DISPINSED ACCORDING TOT THE CAPACITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL. This is to say that we all don’t just have spirt indwelling within us, but how it manifests from us, depends on us. Yet, this talk isn’t even about the GIFTS OF THE SPIRT that we all have. Now I see the faces, Rev Lawrence, what the mess are you talking about? Well…I will tell you…I AM TALKING ABOUT THE CAPACITY. The CHOICE TO ALLOW OURSELF TO FULLY LIVE IN OUR TRUTH AND BE THE VESSELS OF SPIRIT THAT GOD INTENDS US TO BE.

I have noticed that we as a people, do not allow people to just be. Just show up, and be what and who they are. We are more comfortable when people conform to mini versions of ourselves or are similar. Many parents with God intention try to instill VALUES AND TRADITIONS INTO THEIR CHILDREN in an attempt to help them avoid life pitfalls. RELIGON, which I think I know a little bit about, HAVE TRIED TO CREATE RULES, LAWS, AND STRICT DOGMA in attempts to create conformity and if you do it wrong you are wrong. AND THE OUTCOME IS DOOM AND DESTRUCTION. I have and obvious Jesus had this same issue with religion. I Matthew Chapter 23 Jesus goes in on the Jewish Religious leaders also called the Scribes and Pharisees. He calls them hypocrites because they do not do what they say and what they tell the people to do. He talks about them putting on airs and pretending to be something they are not. In other words, they were no living authentically in their truths, and for that Jesus condemn them. How many of you were fed up with church folk pretending? Or you having to pretend to be something or someone else in order to be acceptable? Every Sunday you had to wear a suit, you couldn’t curse in church, you couldn’t, be gay, you had to be a virgin, and the list goes on and on. YOU HAD TO BE EVERYTHING BUT HUMAN. This was the ONLY way to be acceptable to God. I AM HERE TO DECLARE GOD LOVES AND ACCEPTS YOU AS YOU, BECAUSE GOD MADE YOU!!!! So many times, we try to live our lives by these rules, and standards. We try to create a false sense of conformity where everyone look alike, live alike, and even love alike. BUT THAT LOGIC IS HUMAN LOGIC AND NOT OF GOD. What we are doing is superimposing HUMAN TRAITS ONTO AN INHUMAN GOD, and punishing people who just want to live as they were CREATED, AUTHENTICALLY, IN THEIR TRUTH! And the truth of the matters is that God, Spirit, Source, Allah call that one power whatever you may, cannot use us, when we are living outside of our truth, we are LIVING OUTSIDE OF OR CAPACITY. Do you believe that if Oprah Winfrey had decided to be a school teacher in her hometown of Kosciusko, yep I had to look up how to pronounce it, thank you It’s spelled K-O-S-C-I-U-S-K-O, Kosciusko Mississippi, but don’t you think if Oprah Winfrey had stayed there and become a local teacher many people across the world would have missed out on something great. Not that teachers don’t do very important things in the world. I know that very well as having a career as an educator, but not on the level of Oprah. She even states that she tried to live a truth outside of her own and eventually she decided to LIVE HER TRUTH In her own words in 2011 on one of her life classes she states,

“ If you in anyway are keeping a secret or you in anyway are pretending to be something you are not, you will NEVER EVER BECOME ALL THAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE. IT JUST CANNOT HAPPEN.!


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